Tuesday, 31 January 2012

“Encyclopaedia Britannica”,The walls surrounding the Akropollit , are Pelasgian

Athina dhe madje edhe muret e qytetit u ndërtuan nga Pellazgët. Arkitektura e tyre mbetet prova më e lashtë, gjurma më e hershme arkeologjike.


In Athens itself the prehistoric wall of the citadel and a plot of ground close below it were venerated in the 5th century as " Pelasgian ".
“Encyclopaedia Britannica”

There was indeed a people which dwelt for a time in Attica, and was known there by the name of Pelasgians, or Pelargians. A monument of their presence was preserved to the latest times, in the Pelasgian wall with which the citadel of Athens was fortified.
“A History of Greece”



No Acropolis, Akro-POLLI, Konstandino-polli

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